Does your dog see the world in the same colors as you do?

Despite popular belief, dogs are not limited to seeing the world in black and white. In fact, their vision is capable of discerning color - just not in the same variety or with the same level of intensity as we can distinguish.

While red, green and orange are missing from the spectrum of colors they can see, they can see shades of blue, yellow and grey.

They can also see some things a lot better than we can. For example, night vision is far superior to that of humans. A dog's vision has developed so that they can successfully hunt at night or those time periods when light is fading - such as at sunrise and sunset.

They also have a wider peripheral vision than humans, which assists them in their everyday activities. Because their eyes are set further apart than ours, they can see things that we would have to turn our heads to look at. And their ability to see things in motion is also much better than ours.

All this may help you to understand why your dog loves playing with a yellow or blue ball - he can see it much better than a red one! So even if a dog's world is not as clear or as colorful as ours.

There are several tools that can help you to see the world as your dog does.

Dog Vision is a web-based image processing tool that shows you the difference between what humans and dogs perceive.

Google Play Store has an app that enables you to see through the eyes of a dog.

Amazon also has a free dog vision simulator.

Check them out and have fun seeing the world as your dog sees it!