There's nothing like the feeling of a clean dog—but the process of getting them there can be, well, less than enjoyable for both of you. One of the most challenging parts of bath time is figuring out how to dry your pup off,  so they're not dripping wet (and so your floors don't get ruined). Here are a few tips on how to quickly and safely dry your dog after a bath.

Step One: Towel Off as Much Water as Possible

First things first, you'll want to use a towel to remove as much water as possible from your dog's fur. This will help cut down on drying time and also prevent your dog from tracking wet paw prints all over your house.

For optimal results deploy an extra large, soft and fluffy towel. This way the entire process of toweling up will be fast and gentler on both Fido's fur and nose-to-tail sensitivities.

Gently pat your pup down to absorb as much moisture as possible. Every bit helps, making it easier to cut your dog's drying time and keep your clean home... well, clean!

Start at the neck or head first and work your way down, gently lifting the fur to remove as much water as possible. This will help shorten their drying time so they won’t drip wet pawprints into every room in your house. A good towel is key for achieving optimal results!

Step Two: Use a Blow Dryer on the Cool Setting (if tolerated)

When it comes to drying your pup, you might be looking for speedy options!

If your pup is good with it, using a blow dryer on its coolest setting can shorten the drying process! Make sure to move the nozzle around so that you don't unravel one spot and make sure to be mindful of getting too close. We wouldn't want your puppy's fur to get singed!  But it's important to keep its usage safe; keep the dryer consistently moving around so as to not overdry any particular area. In doing so, you won't end up burning your fluffy friend.

Not every dog is comfortable with blow dryers though – some pups don't handle the sound of a blow dryer very well.

If this situation sounds familiar, feel free to skip this step altogether.

Step Three: Let Them Air Dry

Most of the time, the simplest option is best. If your pooch isn't a fan of blow dryers or you don't have ready access to one, towel drying and letting their fur air dry may be a perfectly viable solution.

Even though it takes extra time to get the job done this way, rest assured it's incredibly gentle on your pup and a calming experience – just don't forget to keep them in a warm environment when they're drying off! It might seem silly, but if you don't take these precautions you run the risk of having your furry friend catch a cold.


Drying your dog after a bath doesn't have to be difficult. Just follow these simple steps and you'll have a clean, dry pup in no time. And if all else fails, remember that they'll eventually air dry on their own – even if that means leaving damp paw prints all over your house in the meantime.

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