If you’ve ever seen your pup pawing at the grass, searching for something buried beneath it, then you know that dogs love to sniff and search for things. That’s why snuffle mats are such an amazing way to keep your pup entertained.

As a dog parent, you know that providing your pup with the best toys and activities is important. One of the newest additions to the ever-growing list of toys for dogs is the snuffle mat. This unique toy was designed to engage your pup in an interactive game of hide and seek where they have to use their nose to find treats hidden inside the nooks and crannies of the fabric strips.

But what exactly is a snuffle mat? Let’s take a look at how snuffle mats can be used to engage your pet in an exciting game of hide and seek.

What is a Snuffle Mat?

A snuffle mat is an activity mat designed to stimulate your pet's sense of smell. As the dog interacts with the mat, they have to use their nose to find the treats - stimulating their senses and allowing them to practice their scavenging skills in a safe environment.

It consists of several layers of fabric (such as fleece or other durable materials) crafted into numerous pockets and crevices where you can hide treats or food. The different textures of the fabric also give your pup extra stimulation as they work to sniff out their reward.

For added fun, some mats have ribbons, strings, or other objects attached to them that encourage more exploration from your pup. When your dog expands their search for treats, their natural foraging instincts are activated and engagement levels skyrocket!

Snuffle mats can be of different designs, shapes and sizes. You can find them at pet stores or online, or you can even try making them yourself.

Why Fido – and You - Will Love a Snuffle Mat!

Does your pup love to sniff and explore? Then they will absolutely love a snuffle mat! What better fun than to sniff around your toy - and then find a hidden treat?

A dog snuffle mat requires very little effort from you as a pet owner since all you have to do is add treats or kibble inside the pockets created by each strip. Once you have done this, it's time for your pup to go wild!

Develop Fido's sense of smell

A snuffle mat is a great accessory to have for your furry four-legged friend! It's an enrichment toy that encourages natural foraging behavior and helps develop your pup’s sense of smell.

Provide Physical and Mental Stimulation

It can help keep your pup mentally stimulated by providing them with an engaging activity that encourages their natural sniffing behavior. Not only will it keep them busy for hours but also help improve their cognitive abilities since they need to use their noses to locate each treat or snack.

While it may not look like it, the process of sniffing and hunting for their food is also great physical activity. It's also an ideal option for dogs who may not be able to get outside as often due its age, size or medical condition but needs some type of physical exercise and mental stimulation at home!

Slows Down Eating Rate

Another Benefit (that Fido may not Recognize) is to slow down his rate of eating. If you have an enthusiastic eater on your hands, a snuffle mat can help slow down the rate at which he eats - by encouraging him to use his nose to find food rather than gobbling it up right away. This can be beneficial for both digestion and weight management.

Relieves Boredom, Stress, and Anxiety

Additionally, this type of toy can help reduce boredom and destructive behavior by providing an engaging outlet for their energy. And they can help with anxiety issues since it encourages problem-solving and puzzle-solving skills that help distract pups from anything that's stressing them out.

How To Use Snuffle Mats

When introducing a new activity like this one, it’s important to take things slowly at first so that you don’t overwhelm your pup. Start by letting them explore the toy without any treats inside it so that they become familiar with the texture and shape of the toy itself before adding in any distractions.

Once they seem comfortable with the mat, you can add in some healthy treats like small pieces of kibble or low-calorie snacks along with some verbal encouragement like “find it!” or “go get it!” As they start finding the treats on their own, you can increase the difficulty by hiding them deeper within the mat or using smaller pieces so that they really have to search. Eventually, you may even want to try adding different treats into the mix as well (such as kibble on one side and treats on the other).


With its stimulating design and endless possibilities for customization, a snuffle mat is an excellent interactive toy that will keep both you and your furry friend entertained while helping them develop skills such as problem-solving and searching ability—all while having tons of fun along the way!

So why not give a snuffle mat a try today? Your four-legged companion will thank you later!

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